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Bath to Chipping Campden, 102 miles

Honeystone villages, hidden valleys and a big-vista woodland escarpment in this quintessentially English walk-in-the-countryside.

Bath – Old Sodbury

Cotswold Way - Day 1 - 18.4 miles

"From the Abbey, the trail passed through Bath's vibrant shopping streets where buskers were singing, acrobats entertaining and between-job actors offering city tours in fancy dress..."

Old Sodbury – Stroud

Cotswold Way - Day 2 - 26.7 miles

|The temperature dropped further, backed by a persistent wind. And the rain, now torrential, fought through the last barriers put up by my boots and waterpoofs..."

Stroud – Birdlip

Cotswold Way - Day 3 - 15.8 miles

"The best of the woods were the nature reserves around High Brotheridge: lush, deep, enclosed, in which tumbledown walls of Cotswold stone hinted at times and industry past..."

Birdlip – Stanton

Cotswold Way - Day 4 - 21.4 miles

"This was new to me: a riverside town with Anglo Saxon roots and so many picturesque houses and secret alleys it was difficult to know where to point the lens..."

Stanton – Chipping Campden

Cotswold Way - Day 5 - 10 miles

"If someone in Carlsberg’s marketing department decided they wanted antiques-loving octogenarians to start buying lager, Chipping Campden is the village that would feature..."

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