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Inverness to John o'Groats, 147 miles

A walk on the wild side, steeped in history, adventure and wildlife, and visiting barely-visited beaches, dramatic cliffs and secluded fishing villages.

Inverness – Evanton

John o'Groats Trail - Day 1 - 19.6 miles

"There’s a feel of emptiness, abandonment, and of nature reclaiming old spaces. Crofts boarded up. Stone gateways to once wealthy family homes wreathed in ivy. Empty barns. Rusting farm machinery...|

Evanton – Tain

John o'Groats Trail - Day 2 - 17.4 miles


"Track ruts that reached my middle were to form my path for the next mile, punctuated by regular climbs onto trenches then descents into claggy swamps..."

Tain – Golspie

John o'Groats Trail - Day 3 - 23.3 miles

"Despite the ominous clouds, there's barely a swell on the sea, waves breaking as gentle ripples to delight the few families making the most of the fickle sun..."

Golspie – Helmsdale

John o'Groats Trail - Day 4 - 20.2 miles

"I'm soaking up the peace when the path winds through a laurel archway into a grassy glade where rabbits spring for cover and – suddenly above – parapets and turrets tower above a forbidden forest of pines..."

Helmsdale – Dunbeath

John o'Groats Trail - Day 5 - 16.5 miles

"Before long the path winds down into Berriedale: a treasure trove of a village with its wide river, sheltered cove, big cliffs and immaculate whitewashed cottages..."

Dunbeath – Wick

John o'Groats Trail - Day 6 - 25.1 miles

"There's adventure in the terrain, fun in the navigation but most of all breathtaking views of the now dizzyingly high cliffs, stacks, sea caves and geos..."

Wick – John o'Groats

John o'Groats Trail - Day 7 - 22.3 miles

"There are pristine beaches that I have to myself. There are cliffs and sea stacks and caves. There are castles and brochs and standing stones. And always the company of seabirds..."

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