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Edale to Kirk Yetholm, 268 miles

Tom Stephenson's long green trail; England's finest National Trail.

Edale – Crowden (Old House)

Pennine Way - Day 2 - 14 miles

"The first day of the Pennine Way is a test. If you complete day one – whether you start at Edale and head north, or Kirk Yetholm and head south – you might just make the length..."

Crowden (Old House) – Standedge

Pennine Journey – Day 2 – 12.75 miles


"There's nothing up here but heather, bilberries and the occasional flourish of cotton grass. Below them blanket peat fields..."

Standedge – Hebden Bridge

Pennine Way - Day 3 - 17.6 miles

"By the time Wainwright came to walk the Pennine Way in its early days the terrain he crossed was a dying mess of hags, pools and dark furrowed wastes..."

Hebden Bridge – Cowling

Pennine Way - Day 4 - 17 miles

'I listen on the wind for Cathy's lament and look through the stoned windows for ghostly signs of Heathcliff on the moor, but it's too sunny, the only sounds of rippling grass and skylarks frolicking..."

Cowling – Kirkby Malham

Pennine Way - Day 5 - 17.5 miles

"Chimneys in the villages are smoking, people tucked up for the day inside. In the Kirkby Malham pub I’m in this evening there's a blazing fire..."

Kirkby Malham –
Horton in Ribblesdale

Pennine Way - Day 6 - 19.4 miles

"Back on the Pennine Way and up the valley to Malham Cove, if anything more impressive than the Scar. It's as if the mountainside has been sliced away by giant hand, leaving a single towering cliff face..."

Horton in Ribblesdale – Hawes

Pennine Way - Day 7 - 14.3 miles

"The water I could deal with. But the wind ups the stakes. On the moor there's little shelter: no trees, no hedges, few walls – just this solitary walker taking the full force of the Pennine crosswind..."

Hawes – Keld

Pennine Way - Day 8 - 13.9 miles

"It’s not one of those frustrating fells with a dozen false summits. It’s even worse. You can pretty much see the top from the valley. It’s just bloody miles away..."

Keld – Middleton-in-Teesdale

Pennine Way - Day 9 - 21.9 miles

"A mile into the moor, following the life-saving line of white posts hammered into the murk, a movement in the grey. A small owl flapping on the vents just a dozen or so metres from me..."

Middleton-In-Teesdale – Langdon Beck

Pennine Way - Day 10 - 9.1 miles

"The mix of meadows, waterfalls, pine woods, juniper and the growing sense of upland scale wove a tapestry of pure charm. There's magic in these hills..."

Langdon Beck – Dufton

Pennine Way - Day 11 - 12.9 miles

"After the big skies, open spaces and rolling prairies of Dufton Fell something amazing happens. The ground suddenly falls away into a huge canyon..."

Dufton – Alston

Pennine Way - Day 12 - 20.6 miles

"Here, as the Helm Wind shrieked above, and the rain lashed, the London Lead Company plunged ever deeper into the watery mires to win mineral wealth..."

Alston – Greenhead

Pennine Way - Day 13 - 15.7 miles

"The stretch that looked most interesting on the map, following the Maiden Way roman road (which once ran from Carlisle to York), offered nothing of antiquity but ancient cow pats..."

Greenhead – Bellingham

Pennine Way - Day 14 - 23.4 miles

"Apart from the clifftop curves of the wall, rising in the misty distance in a horizon-panning series of humps and dips, there's nothing but moor and the approaching mass of Kielder Forest..."

Bellingham – Byrness

Pennine Way - Day 15 - 16.2 miles

"Here there's air and wildlife: butterflies and bees on a colourburst of wildflowers while aspen and rowan crowd the riverbank. It's the verdancy of nature untamed..."

Byrness – Kirk Yetholm

Pennine Way - Day 16 - 25.4 miles

"You can stand on one of the fine Cheviot viewpoints – Cairn Hill say – and see no sign of civilisation bar a far-off forestry plantation or two: just grassy hills that roll on and on into distant grey..."

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